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A Simple Gesture for the Earth


An urgent appeal to participate in sending a wave of love to our Mother Earth this 1/11/11 at 11:11

With 10’s of thousands of birds falling from the sky and 100’s of thousands of dead fish washing ashore across the globe, mother Earth needs our help. Let’s stand together and sound a wave of healing that WILL be heard around the world. Sound is energy that can transform the world. If visualization comes easy to you, visualize feeling love. If you are not good at visualization, grab your lover, hold your baby or child, snuggle with your pet, or smell some beautiful flowers. It doesn’t matter how you get there so long as you find a place of unconditional love that you can hold and build for approximately 11 breaths or 111 seconds. We will then tone the heart sound Ahhhhhhhh 11 times while holding the thought of love in your mind/body/spirit. Imagine you are exhaling pure unconditional love out into the world and with each exhale a pink cloud of love embraces mother earth restoring Earth and humanity to a divine state of perfection. Don’t try to imagine what a divine state of perfection looks like. Just trust and believe that it does exist and hold that feeling of love. If you have never toned before KNOW it is easy and NATURAL. Ahhh. Inhale slowly until your lungs are full, on the exhale hold the AH sound until all the air is expelled from your lungs slowly. Repeat 11 times. That’s it. Imagine the exuberant feeling of love and sound your triumphant trumpeting loving ahhhhhhhh. Please invite ALL your friends and let’s start a wave that will be heard around the world. Sound heals.



Remembering Our Mothers

What a wonderful opportunity it is today to honor the Divine Feminine in our Mothers. It is a day that we can reflect on the positive qualities that our Mothers as well as all of the women in our lives bestowed us. As we become more aware of the blessings we’ve received, we can show…Continue Reading

And this too shall pass

Just yesterday morning we had a taste of spring and today winter is back, which is par for the course in March. Hopefully winter is winding down and warmer, sunnier weather will grace us as the first day of spring arrives. So, this sleety, snowy day is a gift to me to catch up on…Continue Reading

Winter Wonderland

I hope all is well with you and that you stayed safe, cozy and warm during the winter weather we had last week. I’m sorry I missed seeing some of you around Valentines Day due to classes being postponed, so I hope you had a day filled with many reminders of love in your life.…Continue Reading

What’s new? For one, the brochure for the Eating and Living for the Health of It workshop (formerly known as Creating Optimal Health) on Saturday October 21st from 11:00 A.M. to 2:00 P.M. at Flowering Heart Yoga. Download the brochure here. And, because of the recent holiday and people just getting back on their schedules…Continue Reading